Thursday, April 22, 2010

Arissa (46 months) & Aariz (21 months)

It has been ages since I last blogged about my 2 darlings. Both have grown in the last 12 months...Arissa now in Smart Reader
Kids Sec 3 Shah Alam for last 7 months & Aariz in Gymboree (Level
4). Both have been great friends to each other despite the occasional fights. Arissa is really into writing, colouring, painting and recently reading. While Aariz have earlier started on body parts, automobiles & occasional flash cards. Honestly, I am not into pushing those 2 too much - crazy it may seem, but, I honestly want them to have a fulfilling childhood. Playing & enjoying each other's company rather than having a strict schedule to read P & J and finishing stack of is too short-let them smell the flowers, reach the sky, dream a little and most of all, let them live!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It has been a while...Arissa is 32 months already!!Practically a lady

It has been awhile since I last drop in and ramble about Arissa's milestones. Too
much to tell really as alot of things have happened in the last 12 months...need to blog it, or else I'll forget all about it..

Last year, Arissa had a cute and handsome brother, Aariz Rayyan in July. Eversince, Arissa is now known as "Kakak" to all.

Arissa- 32 months, has started her preschool (9am to 1pm) @ Kiddies Patch, Mutiara Damansara since last month (and now going into her 4th week). How time more crying in the morning at drop off, but instead crying at pick up time. jeezzz...her tantrum is a mixture of not wanting to go home, nak sticker and school some more...the school is just lovely, Teacher Zarina & Fuza have been very patient with her, i can see...

Arissa circle of friends:-
Brenner, Madison, Nina, Beau, Caitlin and Raphael (the cute little fella)...and a few other names that Umi just cant recall...

Arissa have been doing great in school.Despite her dramatic crying at drop off, I do see her smiling and enjoying crafts with her little friends and teachers. i do see her flourishing as a little person...lately, she is becoming a bit shy...with people that she knows...perhaps she is growing up...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Arissa 13 months!!

We had double dose of Gymboree last weekend!! Arissa had loads fun..Me & madi obviously got a wee bit tired from running around town. Anyway, it was a pleasure seeing Icha playing about in class...

Quick run through of Icha's development- she is till cruising about...Hopefully soon-she will take her little steps around the house... She seem to be a bit brave once we are on the bed. Icha tried standing up on her own several times. Icha knows how to 'sayang' everyone...Simply adores "Grrr" (being Tiger the house cat) and can call out Bah (Tok Bah), Bak (sometimes referring to Madi or Bibik) and her most favourite word at 13 months is "Nak..Nak..."

Last weekend-Madi & me brought Icha to Fraser's Hill for the 1st time. Quite a good trip as it was quite cold and not crowded with people. We had nasi & mee goreng @ ARKED & took a walk up on the Hill. Icha was quite excited too...Madi had to push her in her Peg Preggo stroller - semput...We visited the Selangor Dam on the way up-quite a magnificent view of the Dam & the Splunge Pool...Me & Icha managed lepaq at the wakaf near the Dam...

My darling Arissa/Icha is growing soooo fast...How I wish I can be at home with her all the time...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Arissa 1st Aeroplane Experience!

On 5 May 2007 at 4.30pm, Arissa had her 1st ride in an aeroplane to Kuching, Sarawak with T.Bah, Papa & Umi. Eventhough the event leading to our visit there was not a celebrative event (as we had to pay our visit to Florence & Co as they were injured in an accident), nevertheless it did not dampen out enthusiastic little cherub's spirit throughout the whole journey. Arissa naik Air Asia and sat with Umi. Arissa was not afraid at all and seem to had a good time as asyik giggling & smiling at the other passengers. Tried giving Arissa nenen to prevent her ears from the cabin air pressure, but she was too excited to nenen properly. Dont know whether she realised that we were way high up in the sky. Umi tried showing to Arissa that we are in the clouds and down there are the roads & sea..and we are very high up in the sky...but, sense of fear at all...

6 May 2007 at 9.50pm, Arissa's flight back to KLIA. Arissa was a bit grumpy..Penat agaknya. Finally, Arissa did a wowo! Panic Umi & we never had the experience of changing her in a moving vehicle before, especially not on air...all in all, Arissa had a good flight with us...

Love you Comeltoes...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Arissa crawling already!!

The past few months, Arissa has been doing the comando crawl. Then, she started becoming obsessed with pulling herself up and have shed several pounds along the way and become trimmer. Right after that, her litte bum seem to be lighter & finally, her coordination is there to raise her bum up!!what a delight!!!!

Initially, she was struggling and finally yesterday, I saw her doing the REAL crawl on all 4!!! What an achievement...omegod, my darlin' Comeltoes is growing bigger by the day...She was extremely happy to see me & Babah shrieking in happiness!! and continued her pursuit towards the TV!! I do believe that children should not be pushed in achieving their milestones...guided & loved, yes..but never pushed. They will reach there in their own special time. Nevertheless, it is an occasion to celebrate!! So, Arissa, me & Totang headed to SP for a mini shopping Arissa some Soda T's, Elle pink miniskirt, a Playskool Toy & a shirt-bib (as Arissa hates the usual bib..but her T's are all slightly stained by her pureed food). After shopping, dah merengek as I guess she was quite we stopped the car beside the golf course and had a quick milky way session...

I am very proud of Arissa as she has proven to have the strength & ability to accomplish anything she sets her heart to. Just like her Tok Mak!!!I guess it was perfect to name her Arissa Zainab after all...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Arissa Stubborn Cold

Papa Hamlin will be away in Kuantan for the next few days. Loads of Arissa & Umi alone time then!! We both will definitely miss papa...Arissa has been having a cold/running nose since the last 1 week. Maybe should continue with her Phernegen. Pity her as she seem uncomfortable. Anyhow, my little darlin' is coping fairly well. Maybe I should boost up my vitamins C's too..perhaps 2000mg would do the trick!!

Arissa 1st birthday is coming very soon..thought of throwing a special bash for her...Dont really like the idea of having too many children not her age screaming their heads off...Would be nice to have just close family members & friends...tapi - no children for Arissa to play withlah as semuanya adult...except for her 2 cousins-Fah & Syami...not her age group either, but she just adores them both...maybe she thinks that they are her age..hehe..

Cant wait to go home & spent time with Comeltoes...I guess my life do revolve around her mostly. And nothing else seem as important nowdays either...Arissa called me on the phone a moment ago, she was rambling on "ughhh...ohh..ughh... She sounded as though she really wants to talk to her Umi you Comeltoes...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Arissa 10 months!!

Arissa is already 10 months and 3 time flies! It feels as though it was just yesterday when we brough her home after my C-Sect. Now she is all over the place. Arissa's development this week/month:-
(1)her 5-6 top teeth have popped out nicely. Now you can really see her top teeth when she smiles. Cute sangat..
(2)her crawling is quite fast already
(3)pulling herself up either in her cot, on the bed, on the floor etc
(4)saying papa..ayoyoyo...and her occasional "Maaa"(which means me I hope)
(5)all time favourite-is waving goodbye (oh-so-lembut bye2) and twinkle2 little stars gestures

Last weekend (22 April 2007), Arissa visited Aquaria KL for the 1st time!! with Tok Tang, Nenek, Tok & Papa & me. She actually got excited looking at all the fishes...And she was making so much sound and pointy fingers to the fishes too!!

Last weekend-1st time Arissa ponteng Gymboree as her cold is still there...wouldnt want her Gymboree friends to catch her cold, we have to do make up classeslah next week nie.

Arissa can kiss Umi now days!! She growing up very well indeed (even Dr Musa says so)

Love you Comeltoes...